Al E. Bander

A man who will be loved many.
Sep 2012

Poppy's & My Hat Project

From: Dara

A very special memory with Poppy was when he and Nana had us over for a fun art project. We decorated these big floppy white hats! Such a great time with all of us laughing, using glue, ribbon, gems and flowers. That hat was saved in my room for many many years!


Thanks for the great reminder

From: Brian Brunner
I will always remember what a great dad you had. It was nice growing up next door to your family. Your dad was so nice, kind, fun and funny. This is a very touching (and well done) tribute. It brought back a lot of nice memories for me. Thank you for sharing. Brian

Dad's Business Envelope

From: Mindi

I found one of Dad's envelopes. Saved it for many years. I enjoy seeing it and I am sure others might want to see it as well. I certainly do!

photo (34)

Happy New Year

From: Kevin
Tonight was the start of the jewish new year. Alexis had a cold so we stayed home vs. going to Milwaukee to be with the family. We made a nice dinner here for ourselves. Happy new year Dad. We love and miss you, lots!

Dad's Birtday cards to me

From: Mindi
The highlight of my birthday and probably all of ours was Dads cards.  I remember waking up and running to the kitchen to check out my card.  I still can smell the magic markers and see dad at his drawing board making someone's surprise card the night before a birthday or holiday. Dads card was the best gift.

Poppy's $2 Bills

From: Joelle

Thank you times a million!! The website is amazing! I absolutely love it. I will never ever forget how incredible of a person Poppy was.  I remember poppy would always want us to sing or dance for him...and if we did he would give us a $2 bill, which was so special to us! Happy I love Poppy



From: Mindi & Sheri

When we were in grade school, each year  dad would make us an art smock, they were so cute where all the other kids were so envious of our adorable smocks. Below is one dad made for Dara.

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West Coast Banders

From: Debbie Bander Hanson

What a wonderful tribute to your father, and your entire family. Looking through all the amazing pictures, it is obvious to see the love that flows through the entire family. I especially loved seeing the huge group of cousins, sisters, brothers, the whole gang!! You really captured the life of your father, the love of his family, his work and general zest for life. Thank you so much for sharing this!! Love, Your Cousin, Debbie

Sunday Suppers Dad & Grandmas

From: Mindi

On Sundays our grandmas would come  over for dinner, I remember supper almost always consisting of boiled kosher hot dogs.  Dad loved  buying the dessert at Grebe's bakery from the second shelf, and mom would always say "oh Al couldn't you buy the fresh bakery" where Dad would always squeeze the package and say " are you kidding these are so fresh"  and savor every bite of his money saving second shelf desserts.  

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