Al E. Bander

A man who will be loved many.

Making Hamantashen with Nana & Poppy. Jordana and Joslyn on Courtland Ave

Jordana at 2 years old on her birthday September 27 1987

Joslyn at 1 year old and Joelle newborn.

Joelle just born. October 26, 1987

Nanook playing with Jordana

Jordana & Joslyn giving kisses. Dad, Mindi.

Swimming @ Bander's with Dad, Uncle Al, Jamie, Dara, Aunt Lil, Uncle Meyer, Sheri, Bob, Pam, Phyllis Fruchtman, Nanook

Dad swimming with Jamie, Dara, Sheri, Pam

Joslyn at 1 year old. Mindi, Pam. Cards with Dad, Uncle Art, Uncle Meyer, Aunt Lil

Dance show with one of the girls

Swimming with Poppy, Jamie, Dara (newborn), Sheri, Bob

Dinner at Bander's with Jamie, Jordana, Dara, Joslyn