Al E. Bander

A man who will be loved many.
Aug 2012

Dad the actor


I think none of us will forget when dad was asked to be in the play The Sound Of Music.  Dad nervously practiced his one liner over and over "I'm not a German I'm an Austrian" He practiced it so many times for days and days where we were all sick of hearing of his line, but I remember watching him perform his line and feeling so proud of him.


Reminds me of Dad

Entry: from Kevin
Countless trips to the art supply store with dad…..isles in the store that looked just like this one…

Art Supply2

Entry: from Kevin

Drafting boards….remind me of dad.

Drawing Board

Entry: from Kevin
Every Sunday morning after sunday school…. going with dad to get a special "bakers dozen".

bagels Bagel Store

Entry: from Kevin
We would like this one, and that one, and that one…with the most frosting! Enough said.

Long John Phot


Favorite TV shows

Entry: from Kevin
nothing made him laugh harder than Archie Bunker…

All in the FamilyArchie

Big fan of game shoes Price is Right, Family Feud

family feuid Price is Right

Became a big fan of my man Howard!



Dad-Poppy's favorite TV shows

Entry: from Kevin

Who could forget the Love Boat shows…

Love BoatLoveboat2